Life’s purpose

It is assumed by most religious and philosophical minded folks that there is a purpose to life, to the universe. But to me this is yet another of the Sacred Cows that needs to be tipped over. (I’m not talking about the purpose of an individual’s life, as defined by that individual — that’s another matter altogether and I still see that as being very important.)

From a rational, humanistic viewpoint, there is no evidence whatsoever of any Grand Scheme or Master Plan for the universe. Quite the contrary; we have every reason to believe that things are the way they are, just because they are. Maybe we inhabit one of a multitude of universes, the vast majority of which do not and cannot harbor life. It’s hard to know for sure, given that we have only one example, but I no longer see compelling evidence that our world is “fine tuned” for intelligent life.

And that’s okay with me. When we no longer have to worry about “God’s plan” for mankind, we are free to just live. We provide our own meaning, our own purpose.

I think that’s awesome.

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