Bible interpretation

I saw this comment recently on a forum:

One of the things I have always found strange about the fundies is that they don’t follow all or even most of the actual teachings of the Bible. ie. generally they would rather join the NRA than “turn the other cheek” and don’t even think about “It is harder for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to get into heaven.”

My response:

Yep. They read the Bible not for understanding but to reinforce their culturally influenced beliefs. Therefore they cherry-pick passages that reinforce them, and ignore or downplay those that don’t. In addition, they interpret passages not in light of the original context and cultural setting, but make them fit their own situation.

Everyone knows this about the fundamentalists. What really opened my eyes was when I realized that it is not only the fundies but pretty much all religious folks who do this. Yes, even the liberal Christians do this. The day I finally realized that was the day I was no longer a Christian.

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