About Quiet Musings

Welcome. I am Pete Koutoulas and this is my new blog.

The author in his natural habitat
The author in his natural habitat

This project is intended to be a compilation of writing that I have completed over a few years, which I had scattered in various places. I’m in the process of pulling together the various pieces and organizing them, mainly for myself. For various reasons, I’ve decided to put them on a public blog. But I have no illusions about my musings being of interest to a broad audience — as I said, this project is mostly for myself.

I have varied interests, which are expressed in this blog. If you share some of these interests, you may find something here of interest. I am a science enthusiast, a Humanist, a skeptic of all things supernatural and unfounded in reason and evidence. My political stance leans decidedly left, but I am not primarily driven by ideology but by reason and evidence, and so I will often call out liberals as well as conservatives for ideas that I consider to be counter-productive or hurtful.

I welcome comments whether offering praise or constructive criticism and won’t shy away from a good-faith debate. But I will not approve any comments that I consider to not be helpful, useful, or intended to spark greater understanding.